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Voiture avec Chauffeur, vtc, taxi en Provence. transferts aeroport gare, Luxe Prestige Avi
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Events Car is above all a family affair.

In 2000, Marc Fontaine started the adventure on the roads of the South of France...
A few years later, his son, Bastien Fontaine, joined him and together they gave birth to Events Car Group.
Although their fleet of cars and their services have continued to evolve over the years, certain things have not changed, such as their desire to always satisfy their customers, by providing an impeccable service and a most enjoyable journey. 

Here is their history in a few words...

Voiture avec Chauffeur, vtc, taxi en Pro


Founder of Events Car Group

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"After a long experience as logistics manager of a national road transport company, I decided, in 2001, to travel to new horizons using my knowledge in terms of logistics and transport. I thus created "Taxi Sud Provence".

At first, I developed the medical transport part, while trying to invest in the niche of top-of-the-range services, by distinguishing myself with vehicles of the Audi range. 

When my son joined the company and the direction he was taking by developing his services for a tourist clientele, I wanted to give our company an English-speaking name that everyone would easily remember: Events Car was born!



Director of Events Car Group

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"After my studies and a first experience in trade, I decided in 2009 to join the family business. 

Noticing the strong tourist potential of our region, I wanted to offer top-of-the-range services by enhancing the prestige of our vehicles.

This has enabled us to establish trustworthy partnerships with 5* hotels and well-known restaurants in the region, as well as with prestigious tour operators and large international companies established locally.  

The choice of vehicles is a very important criterion, we like to stand out and always choose vehicles that we like and that resemble us. 

Today, it is with passion and empathy that I transport my clients in this region that is so dear to me.

For 20 years, on the road with you...

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